STOP. Before you do anything else, 1. Go to bit.ly/votealive and vote for “Alive” as a People’s Voice winner (first song on the page) If you’ve voted, you’ll see:         2.     Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, etc. with the buttons above, ask your friends to vote […]

“Alive” Song and Video Worldwide Debut – watch, share, & ...

And when you handed me that snake, I knew we'd really bonded as mother and sons.
Horseback riding. Archery. Swimming. Ah, the fun of summer camp. Last year, I took one too many longing looks at the slick brochures and flashy websites when I was looking at camp options for my boys. But I forgot about a few things. Bunk beds. Cafeteria food. Community bathroom. Just […]

Letters from Family Camp

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. - Edmund Burke
I don’t tell my kids how they should view the world. I do tell them how I view the world, how I would vote, and why. But someday (and that someday is like a speeding train from pre-teen to eighteen), they’ll have to make their own voting decisions and I […]

7 Reasons Why This Parent Is Thankful Donald Trump is ...

World Rare Disease Day 2016 is the platform for our first #RareWriter Blog Link-up! During Rare Disease week, link up your posts about World Rare Disease Day, your rare disease story, or why you write about rare disease. I’ve already read some great posts about World Rare Disease Day, so […]

World Rare Disease Day: #RareWriter Blog Linkup

I don’t know what dang blasted cartoon is telling my son about things like high school and college, but I want to ban it. I drive down the road, rocking in my minivan, 90’s music on a low rumble so my kids can’t hear me sing, and my 8yo is […]

Why I Freak Out When My Son Says He’s Going ...

I’ve been meditating on John 17 today. It really is a mesmerizing piece of Scripture. It shares part of a conversation between Jesus and the Father that I can practically hear live. Jesus had peeps. People. A Tribe.  People that he cared about deeply. He was human, after all. And […]

Jesus peeps

“Mom, how much money does Donald Trump have?” “Millions, billions,” I answered. “So, he’s rich? I wish I was that rich.” “Hmmm. Yeah, he’s rich.” “Someday I’m gonna be rich.” “If you had $100,000 right now, would you be rich?” “No.” He looked confused, frustrated as if I just could […]

Why I gave my son 5 M&Ms when he asked ...

I never wanted to grow up to be a writer.   I wanted to be something like the President…. Ha! And I didn’t move to Nashville to be a songwriter. Instead, I moved to be a lawyer. BIG difference. But I’ve been writing my whole life. From essays, short stories, […]

Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Momwriter

I’ve read the entire book of Job in one sitting twice in my life. The first was on a plane. A window seat in an aisle to myself was the setting for my anguish and my desperate reading. I was pregnant. But not for long. The day before I’d been […]

Project: Suffering

Yesterday our community, and our family personally, felt the horrific loss of Sharron Cantrell, the principal of Spring Hill Elementary School, Case’s school. It was a shock to everyone. Case’s fave pic of “Cantrell.” I know that there are many, many people who feel the loss in a greater and […]

Life is short. Ask … anyone.

A dirty shirt still 20 feet from the laundry basket. The matching pants 10 feet further, still inside out. A toy that will pierce the bottom of your foot. Next to one that’s broken because it already has. A few crumbs on the floor… well, a lot of crumbs.  Even […]

Proud resident of Chaos, Tennessee

I was sitting in a terminal of Chicago Midway airport, surrounded by throngs of people preparing to visit family, take a vacation, or travel for work, when I had an unremarkable epiphany. God cares about every…single…soul…here. Every one. Not only that, He cares about every thought, feeling, worry, prayer, experience, […]


God never gives you more than you can handle.  If I’ve heard that phrase once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. As if God created me with some extraordinary amount of patience, hope, perseverance, and strength.  Sometimes people think that parents of children with special needs or terminal illnesses were […]

I’m No Angel

I’m kind of at my wits’ end with Christmas lists. Are there things we’d like? Sure. Are there things we need? Not so much. But still we go through the process every year of looking through catalogs, daydreaming, and scrolling to find just those additional things to fill our house […]

A Re-imagined Christmas List

I heard a song recently and one line particularly stuck with me. It said, “sometimes pain’s the only way that we can learn.” Maybe that’s true. I found my true self on April 6, 2009, lying flat on the floor sobbing for the life of my child. But what if […]

Who you are

We were not meant to have a mediocre life. We were meant to live a radical, blessed, edgy, open, screaming about the love of Jesus life. I’ve heard people sometimes being referred to as an onion, and even in the movie The Blind Side, Leigh Anne and Michael are each […]

I want to be a peach

I have a confession. I’ve been advocating and writing about rare disease which makes total sense since Case’s condition is, in fact, what they call ultra rare. But lately, I feel like I’ve been hiding something. Not on purpose, it seemed like it was a temporary thing at first, it […]

I have a confession

It was like that reminder, the one that you stumble upon when you weren’t even looking for it. My friends and I (to say that, it sounds so simple)…. Well, my friends and I the friends that I never knew that I’d have   the friends from far-flung places who […]

Every step of the way