When we brought Case home, we were incredibly thankful that he seemed healthy and completely recovered from the breathing problem he had at birth. Of course, I consistently asked his pediatrician and other doctors later whether PPHN would cause any lasting complications or whether he was expected to be healthy. […]

My (un)Planned Son – Part 2

Now, this child was entirely unplanned, you see. This was a go-back-to-the-calendar, count-up-the-days, scratch-your-head, then sit-down-and-freak-out unplanned. I’ve had to work to forgive myself for the next part.I cried. I cried for 3 days. In fact, I sobbed. I did not plan for this child. I was exhausted with the […]

My (un)Planned Son – Part 1

So our second son was not really planned, or really, not expected to happen so soon in several ways. I mean, it takes 4 years for the first one and the second just decides that he’d really like to join the party as soon as possible. As many women know, […]

My (under)Planned Son

After having four miscarriages, I relished being pregnant. God knew what He was doing much better than I did. Even the bad parts of pregnancy were like music to my ears. The sick and throwing up part – just a bonus. I understood that the sickness came from the pregnancy […]

My (over)Planned Son

I remember it clearly. One little line. One little line that changes your life. It’s not a line you stand in, a line you draw, a line in the sand. That little blue line on a positive pregnancy test. You almost burst with emotion, the potential of life. What will […]

One little line