God never gives you more than you can handle.  If I’ve heard that phrase once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. As if God created me with some extraordinary amount of patience, hope, perseverance, and strength.  Sometimes people think that parents of children with special needs or terminal illnesses were […]

I’m No Angel

I had planned a thoughtful post, filled with the revelations I’ve been seeing lately, but to be honest, I am tired. I sit here after midnight, which is not unusual, looking at piles of paper for IEP meetings, taxes, e-mails and calls to be returned, paperwork for doctors to sign, […]

The blessings of late nights

Someone might see me at times and think, “Just who is that crazy lady?” It might be when I’m singing the Barney song and adding my own little dance or when I’m pulling the imaginary horn in a chair choo-choo on the hospital stage. I’m the crazy lady who’s learning […]

Who is that crazy lady?