Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Momwriter

I never wanted to grow up to be a writer.


I wanted to be something like the President…. Ha!

And I didn’t move to Nashville to be a songwriter. Instead, I moved to be a lawyer. BIG difference.

But I’ve been writing my whole life. From essays, short stories, and poetry as a teenager, to the more serious legal briefs as a lawyer, to serious and sometimes silly blogs now.


I love writing. It’s like breathing to me.


It’s how I process. It’s how I express. It’s how I pour myself out to the world.

But sometimes, it’s a little scary.

Writing is powerful. And good writing is vulnerable.

It reveals a part of your inner self that we often try to hide. And it puts something out there that is open to… Criticism. Skepticism. Plagiarism. And all the other -isms I can’t remember.

DirtyMirrorWhile I grew to be more comfortable sharing our MPS experience, I still hide away a lot of what I write. I’ve written songs for years, have been working on a TV pilot, things I didn’t show anyone except maybe my husband.

But then in 2014, I was in a Jennie Allen Bible study called Restless.

I was restless.

But in that process, I was convicted that God gave us each unique talents for a purpose. And sometimes when we don’t use them or share them out of fear, it’s not what He had designed for us.

I was convicted to go big or go home. That’s how I felt the freedom to launch Project Alive with total abandon. It wasn’t about success or failure. Criticism or support. It was about living out the calling God had designed for my life and the talents He had so carefully woven into me, despite my own fears.Alive-CD

That calling is still being pursued as we pitch our song “Alive”, written during Project Alive filming – to labels and projects. Where the Lord will take it, only He knows.

I am no longer restless.

I am just a dirty mirror doing my best to reflect the glory of God.


What talent did God give you that your fear keeps you from sharing for His glory?



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Inspirations: Chris Stapleton’s Traveller album, Cam’s Burning House, Mark Schultz‘ storysong writing
Open Projects: 12 MuPS blog posts, 43 SCF blog posts, 5 songs, 1 TV pilot script, 2 books
Seeking: Female songwriting partner (Country/Christian)

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