Every step of the way

I will be with you
It was like that reminder, the one that you stumble upon when you weren’t even looking for it.

My friends and I (to say that, it sounds so simple)….

Well, my friends and I

the friends that I never knew that I’d have


the friends from far-flung places who would have never crossed my path before,


the friends who share “common things” with me, but not really good common things…

Those common things are

disease and doctors,


needles and nurses,


sadness and sorrow,

but which common things are also

joy in the simple,


laughter in the pain,


and love for the children.

This reminder, on the steps of a church, at the end of our day’s folly, were so sweet and enduring. HE is with us … every step of the way. Sometimes it is hard to see, to know, to remember, but He is there.

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