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I don’t pretend to be a great writer. I write because it is my journal and my release, and I write publicly because I hope that somehow anything or something I say might resonate with even one single person.

But sometimes I don’t really bare it all, those deepest feelings of pain and fear, sometimes I hold those a little tighter.

I started writing from the beginning of this journey. Some things were just for me, but they have become a burden, keeping them inside. So there are things I need to let go. That first few days of such pain that I can barely revisit.

So here I am.

With tears still as I read it, and prayers still for the faith to live it.

Realized Case had Hunter Syndrome: April 6, 2009
Written: April 7, 2009

As I lay him down to sleep
I pray the Lord his soul to keep
And if his body is not well
I pray the Lord my soul to tell

As I bring myself awake
I pray please not my child to take
And if the Lord remembers me
I pray my prayer He will give heed

As I cry onto the page
I pray for faith and peace this day
For if my child is not for long
I pray the Lord will keep me strong

As I stare into his face
I pray for health for baby Case
But if God’s glory needs my son
I pray for most His will be done

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