Making it to the Lost & Found

What item of yours would make you almost pass out of you lost it? Or what about if you left it in the waiting room of a hospital and went home? Or if you left it sitting on the floor of a building lobby, next to a display cabinet, and spent the next hour having lunch? Or I’d you left it next to the claw game in the lobby of a Red Robin restaurant and then went home and took a walk before you realized it was missing?

Your iPad? What about your purse? Your wallet?

This describes my last month.

I left Case’s iPad in the waiting room of pre-care at UNC Memorial Hospital. I left my purse in the lobby, sitting nicely next to the dollhouse display. I left my wallet sitting next to the games after we ate at Red Robin and we took pictures with the Statue of Liberty display.

Three different weeks. Three different places. Three different items.

And you know where they all ended up, completely and utterly safe and sound?

Can you find my brown wallet behind them?

The Lost & Found. 

I can’t explain the gratefulness I feel that God would protect my belongings, things that mean nothing in the end, but which are so incredibly helpful to the current crazy life we are living.

How often does that happen? Getting back three very valuable things left out in the open, subject to anyone’s money-desiring whim? Amazing.

It gives me an analogy to our lives.

We live as lost human beings. Lost of a final purpose to our lives. Lost of an understanding of who made us and why. Lost of the knowledge of what happens when we die.

But the prayers of others, the finders, and the searching of our hearts bring us to the Lost & Found. Only there can our owner, God, claim us. He cannot bring us back to Himself if we, of our free will, do not want to be found. If we hide in our secret place or get taken up in the whims of another philosophy, we will live out our days without fulfilling our ultimate purpose, in the care and embrace of our true owner.

So if we make it to the Lost & Found, there is no chance we will just sit there. Our owner is always looking for us, to claim us back to Him.

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